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Outdoor and adventure activities are well-catered for, in and around Eger.

Facilities provided by nature such as the Eged Mountains, Lake Tisza, Bukk Forest, natural springs, rutting stags, meteorites and waterfalls are augmented by the manmade.


The wildlife preserve, paragliding and plane tours, restaurants, cycle path network and a light railway add to the thrills, perspectives convenience and comfort when enjoying the great outdoors near the Hungarian Great Plain.


Hiking – Nagy-Eged Mountain


Even from a long distance it is obvious that the mountain towering above the city of Nagy-Eged provides an excellent outing opportunity. Nature lovers will especially enjoy this pleasant walking tour, passing along side vineyards, taking 20 minutes from the city centre to reach the 901 metre high point. This is Hungary's highest wine-growing area and the view is appropriately breathtaking. Southwards you can see the infinite horizon of the Great Plains. Hungary's largest mountain, the Kékestető peaks to the west, and to the north you can see Bükk Hegy (Beech Mountain), and lying seemingly at your feet, looking like a model of a town, is Eger.


Hiking - Vöröskő - Spring


Vöröskő (Red Stone) is a temporary spring in Bükk National Park, which is typically more active during periods of snowmelt and rainfall. Hikers are particularly rewarded by the beautiful shapes the water makes as it breaks to the surface, escaping the underground cave systems. The spring is located in a picturesque setting which is great for relaxing. This trip can be done along with a ride on the small railway, a favourite with children too. From Felsőtárkány the forest railway runs to Stimecz House. A nature trail leads from here to the spring.


Biking- in town


Even though it is hilly, Eger is a great town for cycling. In 2015 a bike path network crossing the town was completed. This means cycling is safe and one can travel easily everywhere on the bike paths, including, if you feel inspired, all the way out to Beech Mountain. If you don't have your own bicycle with you, many places will rent you acceptable ones, including those with child seats, for example. The bike path follows a very attractive route from the historical centre of Eger, along the edge of a large pond; a must-see for those with a love of the picturesque.


Szilvásvárad – Szalajka valley


About 25 kilometres away from Eger is Szilvásvárad. It contains Szalajka Valley which offers many different activities: hop on a small train, or on a bicycle. Adults can test their courage on one of the many exciting courses at the adventure park, or simply stroll along the beautiful veiled waterfall. Do not pass up the opportunity to taste the wonderful local freshly smoked trout.


Felsőtárkány – Deer Rutting


In the autumn, an outing in to the Beech Forest (Bükk) guarantees a memorable experience for nature lovers. Hearing the deer herds mating cries is among the more interesting activities in this forest. The deer rutting period is weather-dependent. It usually lasts from late August to October, when small groups of nature lovers go deep into the forest at night to listen to the phenomenon. It is especially good that the small train runs at the same time, so the less brave can be taken straight to where the deer are.


Hiking - Hór-valley


Hór valley is one of Hungary's longest valleys, and counted as an important route in the middle ages. The valley's most favourite sight is an ancient cave next to Cserepfalu called Suba Hole. You can take a trip of discovery into the forest and find the ancestors' prehistoric dwelling place. Since it is so close by, try to pop into Cserepfalu as well. This village, straight out of the story books, is a great place for an afternoon break.


Hiking Bél-kő (Bel Boulder)


Bélapátfalva is barely a half hour drive (or by train and by bus) from Eger. A small lake and a convent built in 1232 await those who want to take a break from the grey work week. The location's real attraction is the 'Bel Stone' which stretches high above the town. The erosion of the former mining site has been halted. What remains is an almost lunar landscape, guaranteed to make an impression. It is an incomparable sight, with an atmosphere that you may want to experience again and again.


Hiking – Tar-kő (Tar Boulder)


If you feel like a bigger challenge try Tar-Kö, (Tar Stone), at the top of the Bukk Forest. At 949 metres, this is Hungary's 11th highest mountain. Those overcoming the height difference and making it to the top are rewarded with amazing views, as well as crystal clear air and the scent of flowers all in a truly immaculate environment. Bike lovers can hire bicycles in Eger and make the trip that way. At the height of the scorching Hungarian summer, the cool of the Bukk forest is an inviting 20-25 degrees C.


Biking - Felsőtárkány


If you need a reason to leave the town by bike, head for Felsőtárkány. From Eger this village is only two kilometres by a connecting bike path, but don't be fooled. If you chose to ride from the outskirts of Eger to the lake located on the other side of Felsőtárkány, that's 15 kilometres of peddling in total! So, if you want to make a day of it, you could start out with a little outing and turn it into a 30 kilometre tour.


Biking - Poroszló, Lake Tisza


If you love a challenge and longer bike tours, get on a train to Lake Tisza, Hungary's second largest lake. Take your bikes, or rent some there, but definitely don't go into the area without a bike. A fantastic 60 kilometre long cycle path has been built, which almost has to be tried. Apart form cycling, you can swim in the warm water, go fishing or boating with the family.




Enthusiastic swimmers can fully enjoy their hobby in Eger. The Aladar Bitskey swimming pool is a gem, showcasing the organic architectural style of the world-famous Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz. The opportunities for swimming in Eger are worthy of spa town. Also deserving of a visit is the 50m competition pool at the thermal baths. There is also a pool fed by a spring. It is the so-called "gravel" pool, where you can swim in the silky soft water under the shade of a giant sycamore.


Down-hill biking – Eged


On the side of the Nagy Eged Mountain, a downhill bike course can be found, seemingly ideal for extreme sport lovers. The quality of the course is recognised by competition organisers, holding their race events here. The course starts from the top of the mountain. Just look for the cross and you'll find start of the track marked by bushes on either side for the first few metres.




Thanks to the mountainous location, Eger is close to excellent terrain for paragliding. One of the most popular start points in the whole country is the 536 -meter-high NagyEged hilltop, where, with the help of a professional tandem pilot you can experience this very particular type of flying. Good weather conditions give an unparalleled view of the city. Just one flight would guarantee your trip to Eger becomes an unforgettable one. If you feel like taking the opportunity, please contact the Matra Extreme Sports Flying Association. They will take care of everything: Email: .


Useful Information
Email: info@matraextrem.hu
Phone: +36301977353
Website: www.matraextrem.hu


Lake Tisza Eco Centre


The Lake Tisza is not only for bicycling activities. The Eco Centre at Poroszlo is worthy of a visit. The Eco Centre's 2600 m2 main building presents previously hidden natural wonders of the Tisza River and Lake Tisza Valley and its wildlife. The 10 hectare park is a beautiful environment to play in: climbing over straw bales, rafting or petting small animals. For bird lovers, for a small fee there is a bird sanctuary tour, where via a small boat you can visit the lagoons, here heron, egrets, ducks and Great Crested Grebes can be seen.


Useful Information
Address: Poroszló, Kossuth u. 41.
Email: info@ttoc.hu
Phone: +3636553033
Website: www.tiszataviokocentrum.hu


Meteor Watching in August


The Perseid meteor shower passing overhead provides a spectacular event in the first half of August, every year. Eger is a great place to admire this natural phenomenon. Each year there are numerous events for visitors to choose from. A favourite venue is, for example, the Almagyar Érsek Borterasz (Almagyar Bishop Wine Terrace) located on the outskirts of the town. Drinking wine while star gazing? It's only natural for Eger! But we can go even farther from the city, to Bükk (Beech) Plateau which is free of light pollution. The jet-black sky provides an impressive backdrop for the stars!


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