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Eger with kids

#ARTICLE_DATE_LETREHOZVA#: 22 June 2017  |  Created: 22 June 2017

Eger with kids

Érsek kert (Bishop's Garden) Playground


The Bishop's Garden is Eger's largest park. Small lakes and a beautiful fountain make this park the favourite of many. In good weather, this is an excellent place to have a picnic, take a walk, or reserve a place on the clay tennis court. Those with small children should make sure to try out this playground in the shade of giant chestnut trees: swings, sandpit, climbing frames, and a fenced basketball court for active families. If you get hungry, why not lunch in the middle of the park, at Excalibur restaurant. It has a medieval theme which means meals are served in wooden bowls.Feel free to eat with your hands if the mood takes you. The only thing left to decide is whether to have sword fried chicken or wild boar soup served in a hollowed loaf. An adventurous experience for children and adults alike.


Eger Thermal Baths

A few minutes from the city centre is this adventure island with open air and indoor swimming pools, 12 in total, as well as water slides, sports courts, and a children's playground. Unforgettable experiences are created in the castle pool for the little ones, where battles are held with the little castle's water cannon. For bigger ones splashing down on the giant slides is very popular, as is having a swim in the open air 50m long competition pool. There's fun for everyone in the varied temperatures of the 12 pools, all with their own character.


"History Up Close" Gun Show

On weekends from March to October, both adults and children can participate in the "History up close" Gun Show. The castle visitors will see 16th-century soldiers in traditional period dress. They reenact the famous 1552 siege, and using the sites described in the Hungarian classic novel (The Stars of Eger / The Eclipse of the Crescent Moon), they tell stories about the everyday life of the border fortress soldiers, the heroes of Eger, and thousand year history of the Castle of Eger.



Szilvásvárad Adventure Park


In Szilvásvárad, in Szalajka Valley, is one of the most exciting adventure parks in Hungary. The park has five seperate areas: the nursery course, the adrenaline course, flying fox course, forest adventure course and a balance course. This is the place for those who love nature, challenges, or simply staying active. Next to to the adventure park is the surprisingly addictive summer bobsleigh track. Those families with a romantic soul can opt for the little red railroad. After a 15 minute ride to the terminal station you can play football, hide and seek and enjoy a picnic. The place is a big favourite for a fun day out with families.




The Hegyikristály (Mountain Crystal) Eco Park is located at the gateway to the Beech Mountains, 9 kilometres from Eger, in Felsőtárkány. Its crystal- clean air, natural treasures and many active recreational possibilities, make this an unforgettable experience for nature lovers. Children can freely play in the eco-friendly playground, the sandbox, or can go for horse rides as well.


Cascade Barlang (Cascade Cave and Adventure Baths)


Whatever the seasons or the weather the Cascade Cave and Adventure Baths offer a really unique experience. The cavern is fed by a spring that is tens of thousands of years old. The more adventurous try the 25 metre high "kamikaze" slide, the more cautious chose the slower, winding "Anaconda" slide. For those coming with small children, the "Family slide" and "Story Island" pool offer a magical experience. Floating along on the 133 metre-long "Lazy River" provides further care-free amusement. The Cascade Cave and Adventure Baths are pleasantly warm; the water temperature is between 33-38 °C and varies between the different pools.


Children's Day at Eger Castle

On Sunday May 29th, 2016, the Castle of Eger is hosting a very jolly Children's Day event. A time travel adventure for little ones and not-so-little ones. On this children's day the littlest ones are invited on a historical adventure into the past. The children can take part in the Chilvalry Test (swordsmanship, archery, target-shooting, wall climbing, obstacle course), falconry demonstration, and historic playhouses. Those who have energy left can go to the Castle's workshop to make themselves an arts and crafts souvenir of the eventful day.


Castle Festivities - Historical Festival


The historical festival and siege games will be held in Eger Castle from 14th to 16th August 2016. Visitors to Eger on these dates can really feel part of a bit of historical time travel. Family events, chivalry tests, exhibitions, dance, and contemporary mastercraftsmen demonstrations await interested guests. You can see crafts such as horseshoe forging, pottery and felting. Children are recruited to swashbuckle with wooden swords, and defeat the invading Turks with a bombardment of socks. The event culminates with a reenactment; nearly 150 chivalrous soldiers evoking the glorious 1552 struggle against the Turkish troops.


Egedhegyi Lipizaner Horse Ranch


The Egedhegyi Lovastanya is 2.5 km from the centre of Eger. The horse ranch, housing an equestrian museum, restaurants and a huge playground, is situated on 26 hectares of land. It is a truly memorable experience to ride in the beautiful hilly surroundings. Cross-country riding tours are also available for the more practiced riders who can enjoy a cool lemonade or a cup of coffee from the nearby vineyard. (AES - www.almagyar.hu )


Kopcsik Marzipanerie

Mr Kopcsik the artist at the "Marzipanerie", is the pastry world's equivalent of an Olympic medal winning world champion, who actually holds a Guinness World record. His exhibition has something special in store for the kids; because storybook heroes are bought to life in sugar paste, and in the display cases there are beautifully decorated fairy tale books. In fact, there is a whole room decorated in Baroque style, entirely out of Marzipan. Located next to the Marzipanerie is the confectionary shop, where those with a sweet tooth can find mouth-watering delicacies, truffles and very edible marzipan creations.



The Fire Service Museum


The museum presents the history and achievements of the fire service by using contemporary technology. In addition to the permanent exhibition and restoration workshop, children can enjoy the playhouse and playground. Here the kids can try being fire fighters. Future Fireman Sams - this is the place for you!


Museum of Astronomy

The Museum and the Camera Obscura can be found in the Lyceum's (University's) tower. It's a very enlightening experience for fans of astronomy and physics. It's a real little palace of wonders. Among other things, you can do physics experiments, and solve the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle. Also, you can get to know the city observatory; instruments, telescopes, sundials and from the terrace at the top of the building you will get a beautiful view of the city. While you are there you can try out something that had a tremendous impact on the development of photography, the Camera Obscura.


Eger Sightseeing train

A very comfortable way tosee Eger; every day a small train runs interesting sightseeing excursions in and around the town. It provides an entertaining experience for children and adults alike, going from the picturesque centre of Eger to the famous Szépasszony-völgy (Valley of Beautiful Women). Here you will find wine cellars, wine-tasting opportunities and restaurants. It runs every day between 10:00 and 18:00, every hour and every half hour. The return ticket allows passengers to linger between return runs. This means you can spend plenty of time at the wine cellars in the valley before coming back to town.


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