21 March 2018
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There are two cinemas in our town Uránia Cinema in Széchenyi street and Agria cinema in Agria Park Shopping Centre in Törvényház street.

Uránia Cinema

Uránia Cinema awaits its audience with 3D film novelties and Metropolitan Opera performances.

The opera performances of 2012/13 season:

12 live performances 7 of which are new productions and 2 Met premiers can be seen at Uránia cinema.

The live performances of Emmy-prize awarded Metropolitan Opera have won world fame with amazing picture- and sound quality and brilliant camera work detailing even the mimics of the characters by using the latest digital technology thus giving the impression of a real opera experience. The programme is made even more special by the interviews with the participating artists during the intermissions. Met broadcasts live, HD quality performances in its prize awarded series to numerous cinemas of the world. Tickets are available at the booking office of the cinema for 3600 HUF. A reduced price of 3100 HUF is possible for minimum five performances.

Tickets are available at the booking office of Uránia cinema or 36/516-644 telephone number.


February 16. Verdi: Rigoletto
March 2. Wagner: Parsifal
March 16. Riccardo Zandonai: Francesca da Rimini
April 27. Handel: Julius Caesar


Cinema Agria

Since February 2013 renewed Cinema Agria awaits its audince with perfect picture and sound quality! Room no1. provides viewers with even more sophysticated visual and sound experience with the help of Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection system and Dolby Digital – JBL sound system. The new projection system is unique even in Europe, however, it has been the third equipment in Eger (Sony SRX-515P). Thanks to the digital system the films are screened parallel with the Hungarian premier, supported by one of the most modern technical background int he country. Viewers are faced with much more lifelike, contrasted pictures than those of the traditional digital movie and some films can be enjoyed in four times bigger resolution (4K) and increased pixel numbers (HFR).

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