22 May 2018
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Films and contemporary newsreels......garments, models and limited edition rarities are displayed in the showcases.

Synagogue Gallery

The Jewish church was built from 1889 to 1902 and was used as church until 1944.


Vitkovics House is a late Baroque parish building of Greek Orthodox church from 1760, home of György Kepes Visual Centre, opened by the town after renovation...

Town Under the Town

„Town Under the Town” – former diocesal cellar system

Telekessy Pharmacy museum

Telekessy pharmacy museum was opened in May 1987 at the old place where the pharmacy used to work until 1968, the predecessor of which was established by the...

Lacking Eyesight exhibition

It is a special exhibition showing the world of the blind in total darkness.

Géza Gárdonyi Memorial museum

The building of the memorial museum having been the home of the writer from 1897 to 1922 can be found some fifty metres behind the Northern (or back) gate of...

Archbishopric Collection/ Archbishop’s palace

Archbishop’s palace, residence of the bishops and later archbishops of Eger since 1740, can be found at the beginning of Széchenyi street.

200-year old István Cellar and National Winemuseum

The cellar system has four branches of 33-45 m length, all together 255 meters. The cellar is 14 meters deep under Hotel Korona and in its two heated...

Church Gallery

The special, huge wall surfaces of the„Bad Church" are unique to show large size works of art.

István Dobó Castle Museum Castle of Eger

The castle of Eger having several-century past is the most outstanding landmark of Eger, main target of historically focused trips. The heroic defence in 1552...

Fire-fighting Museum

Eger is famous for protecting the traditions of the civils. The Volunteer Fire-fighting Association of Eger provides presentations, festive processions, and...


Visit us and be proud of those Hungarians who have already proved!

Kopcsik Marzipania

Lajos Kopcsik is an internationally well-known master-confectioner, who is an Oscar award Winner, and Guinness recorder. His works goes back for several...

Kepes Institute

Kepes Institute was opened in 2012 March.