23 April 2018
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István Dobó Castle Museum Castle of Eger

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The castle of Eger having several-century past is the most outstanding landmark of Eger, main target of historically focused trips. The heroic defence in 1552 made the castle famous when the small number of defenders led by captain István Dobó repelled the many times bigger Turkish army in heroic struggle. The castle as a fortress system had its great age in the 16th century.

Permanent exhibitions of István Dobó Castle museum:

Gothic bishop's palace: The history of the Eger castle

  • The hall of heroes: To commemorate the siege with the list of the names of the defenders in 1552 and the original tombstone of captain István Dobó
  • Picture gallery: Paintings by 16th-18th c. Italian and Netherlander painters and 18th-19th Hungarian and Austrian painters.
  • Ruin garden: Renovated Romanesque, Gothic and late-Gothic ruins of the cathedral
  • Underground corridors: The underground fortification system of the castle, lapidarium of Romanesque and Gothic stone fragments of the cathedral.
  • Prison exhibition: Tools of humiliation, torture and execution in Hungary in the old times.
  • Private exhibitions: Wax works, archery place


Contact: Cím: 3300 Eger Vár 1| Tel.:36-312-744 | email: varmuzem@egrivar.hu | www.egrivar.hu

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