22 March 2018
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Town Under the Town

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„Town Under the Town” – former diocesal cellar system

(The entrance to the cellar system can be found in Eszterházy square on the right side in front of the stairs of the Basilica, undre the statue of St. László.)

The cellar was elected to be one of the seven Hungarian wonders in 2007.

After the Turkish occupation bishop György Fenessy having returned to Eger did not want to live in the castle any more. The diocese bought two building sites in the town centre and the tufa stone necessary for the construction of the palace was acquired from under the hill behind the palace being built. This way on the one hand the palace was built and on the other hand the huge cellar system was created which was used to store the tenth of the wine coming from the vinyards belonging to the region of Eger diocese as clerical tax. The cellar system of the archbishopric used to be 4 kilometres long under the town centre. The nicest part of the system is the one with pillars where there is a netlike system of seven by seven cellar branches.


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