22 May 2018
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Little Synagogue

Little Synagogue locating contemporary arts gallery is the oldest synagogue of Eger.

Servite Church of Eger

The Servites coming from the Austrian order settled in Eger after the Turks had left the town.

Paduan St Antony Church of Minorite order

One of the nicest Baroque churches of Central Europe.

St Frances Church -Franciscan Church

The church of Franciscan monks was built in Baroque style designed by G. B.Carlone from 1736 to1755 using certain parts of former Saint Demeter church.

Basilica of Eger St John Cathedral

The Basilica is the only one Classicist building in Eger, the second largest church in Hungary.

St Bernard Cistercian Church

A Muslim mosque used to stand on the site of the church. The plot was given to the Jesuits who started to build their church and monastery in 1699.

St Nicolas Serbian church

St Nicolas Serbian church (Serbian Orthodox church)


The Minaret is the northernmost built monument in Europe from the Ottoman period.

Szépasszony valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman)

Szépasszony Valley having about 200 wine cellars have strongly become connected to the fame of the wines of Eger in the past centuries.

Palace of the Provost

The late Baroque palece was built by provost count Ignác Batthyány by the designs of Jakab Fellner.

Lyceum – Károly Eszterházy University College

Lyceum was built from 1765 to 1785. The original designs were made by József Gerl than it was completed by Jakab. The institute got its name by its founder,...

Fazola gates – County Council

The building of the County Council was built by the designs of Matthisa Gerl in 1749-56.

Archbishop’s Garden

The park is situated on the territory bordered by György Klapka and Hadnagy streets.

Dobó square

Dobó Square is the most organized square of Eger.

Buttler house

The house built in Baroque style in the 18th century got its name after its owner, János Buttler, commander of the town , who became famous by Kálmán...

Kopcsik Marzipania

Lajos Kopcsik is an internationally well-known master-confectioner, who is an Oscar award Winner, and Guinness recorder. His works goes back for several...

Agria Park

An experience in the heart of Eger