23 April 2018
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Szépasszony valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman)

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Szépasszony Valley having about 200 wine cellars have strongly become connected to the fame of the wines of Eger in the past centuries.


Lots of legends are related to the name of the valley. According to Ferenc Bakó ethnographer „Beautiful Woman" was godess of the ancient religion, godess of love, similar to Venus. Sacrifices were shown to her here. Peasants recall a nice woman who used to sell her good wine here in a cellar. Others say the valley got its name after the light nice lady of a noble villa. There is no inambiguous explanation for the origin of the name, neither for the date of the construction of the first cellars.

The cellars were cut into rhiolit tufa of volcanic origin very easy to shape and which can be found under and around the town several hundred meters thick. Another advantage is that the wines are stored in them at constant, 10-15 C temperature all the year around. Moreover, the moss, fungi living in the cellars create a special atmosphere, their pleasant smell supports aging of wine, developing their bouquet.



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