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Sister-town connections
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Sister-town connections

#ARTICLE_DATE_LETREHOZVA#: 26 March 2013  |  Created: 02 April 2019

2013 is the year of anniversaries in sister-town connections:

Pori, Finnland – 40 years

Gyergyószentmiklós- 20 years

Przemyśl , Poland – 10 years

Primary- and secondary schools working in Eger besides tasks of school education think keeping up international, sister-school connections and creating new connections important. This way students have a possibility to develop their language skills and widen their intellectual horizon when getting to know other cultures. The schools in Eger have connections with several schools in Germany, Poland, Slovakia and schools int he sister cities of Eger (eg. Przemisl, Kutna Hora, Esslingen). Several institutions have applied successfully for projects to be fulfilled through international cooperation where together with other partner schools (eg. Spanish, Irish, English, Polish, Finnish, German) they fulfill youth programmes, elaborate study materials to be incorporated in their curriculum.

The schools are continuously developing their connections with Hungarian schools beyond the borders. Teachers and student groups regularly visit settlements and schools in Felvidék (now in Slovakia), Kárpátalja (now in Ukraine) and Transylvania (now  in Romania). These visits, skicamps, trips and creative camps play important role in their national education, improvement of their Hungarian identity besides spending their free time in a useful way.

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